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The "Ultimate Team" is undoubtedly the best addition ever to have been introduced to gamers by EA Sports. It is the single most appropriate tool that has given gamers to take total control of whichever teams they have assembled; effectively giving them a feel of what it would be like to be real managers of real teams. It gives gamers the power to make player transfers, buy new players, hire new coaches, invest in new stadia and practically undertake all the roles that a team manager can do in real life. However, the most popular element of this gaming mode is the player transfer part, which has actually enabled gamers to set up their own teams made up of their favourite players and playing in their own distinct style. In addition, a manager is able to create a team whose chemistry of play is synchronised in a manner that makes it very difficult for other teams to penetrate their style of play and formation.

The power of buying and selling players is a very important tool because it ultimately has a lot to say about the success rate of a team and how well the players play together as a team. In order to be able to make transactions in the ultimate team mode, gamers have to deal with virtual currencies. For example, if gamers are fond of FIFA, then they have to ensure that they accumulate enough FIFA coins to enable them to make those crucial transactions. The FIFA coins can either be accumulated over a long period of playing, during which the success rate of a team has a lot of say on the amount accumulated or alternatively, gamers can head to the FIFA coin store where they will be able to make purchases of the FIFA coins using real currency.

The other option available for making purchases is using Card Packs, which can also be bought. The beauty of the "Ultimate Team" game mode is the fact that the form exhibited by individual players in real life is reflected in the performance of the players chosen for any given team, meaning that the more high quality players you have within your ranks, the higher the chances of your team's success.

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Decision making is a key ingredient to every manager and that is why we have a forum where the best gamers share their experiences with their teams as team managers and decisions are also made based on the current form of real-life players and their suitability to playing in certain positions as well as which player partnerships are the most appropriate for the success of teams. The "Ultimate Team" game mode has been made available in football (FIFA), NFL (Madden NFL Football) and NHL and at any given time, you will be able to have access to more than 4,000 players playing in different listed leagues from all over the world and we have provided you with the best platform within which you can meet other gamers, negotiate about the cost of players, put up players for sale and attract bids, but most importantly have a great time talking about your favourite game on the largest pool of the best brains in online gaming.

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